Welcome To The Beverly Hills Pain Clinic

Dr. K doesn’t just treat pain.  He is also doing everything he can to change the way people think about pain and wellness, working to dispel the myths, misconceptions and prejudices that surround chronic pain. Dr. K believes that chronic pain is a serious medical condition.  He understands that pain can affect a persons ability to work, have relationships, or even enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  With Dr. K’s help thousands of patients have been able to resume normal, active and healthy lifestyles.  He will always treat his patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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Pain must be diagnosed before it can be effectively treated. Once a pain problem has been diagnosed, Dr. K provides caring, individualized treatment to his patients. Dr. K uses optimal treatment strategies of Integrative Medicine to manage his patients’ pain and suffering. He draws on both traditional and innovative methods in formulating treatment plans tailored to each patient. He spends a great deal of time obtaining the sequence of events that led to the particular ailment. He also relies on biomedical diagnostic tests such as MRI and X-ray as well as a thorough physical examination to evaluate each patient.

Patients receive individually tailored programs that best suit their physical and psychological needs for pain reduction. Treatments may consist of one or more modalities, including medications, injections, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. Some patients may be referred to Neurologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons, Psychotherapists or Psychiatrists for supportive care.