My philosophy is simple: “Pain Is What The Patient Says It Is.”

Many people with Chronic Pain know the frustration of feeling like no one understands what they are going through, or worse, that no one believes them. Dr. K understands that patients perceive pain differently.  As a patient, your level of pain is respected at all times. “Your comfort and lack of pain is my #1 goal.”


Individualized Treatment:

Dr.K’s pain management strategy is individualized. He understands that the dose of medication that works for one patient does not necessarily work for another. The amount of pain medication that is enough is the amount that allows you to resume a functional lifestyle. “I always assure each patient that I will not allow you to suffer… If your pain is not adequately treated, let me know.”

Regardless of its cause, pain remains a subjective experience for the millions of Americans whose lives are often dramatically altered, and even overturned by the discomfort and debilitation of daily pain.


Multiple Treatment Modalities:

There are many powerful medications used in pain management.  When these medications are used under close physician supervision and with good patient compliance, their benefits almost always far outweigh their potential risks.  In addition to medication, treatments may consist of one or more modalities, including: injections, physical therapy, and nerve blocks.

Dr. K will bring to you the best of what is available for your specific situation as scientists and the pharmaceutical industry increasingly focus their attention on discovering new treatments for pain.



Communication is one of the most vital aspects of patient care.  Dr. K has a strong commitment to remaining in touch with his patients, referring physicians, and other healthcare professionals involved in every patient’s case.  He takes a special interest in each patient and formulates an individualized approach to suit them. He and his staff place an enormous premium on initiating and returning phone calls and emails within 24 hours; this includes nights, weekends and holidays.